Ten Things I Think I Know for Sure (CD)

October 15, 2009
This will change the way you write. Studio recorded, $10.

     This is a dramatic presentationbypoet/writer/playwright John Lehman.  He says, “Inexperienced writers are afraid they’re going to lose their readers if they don’t do something gimmicky. Give audiences credit for more than that. I’ll show you how to create scenes that hook editors and keep them turning the pages. How to use the writing process to unlock feelings and experiences, of both the writer and a reader, and apply techniques from acting to give these emotions a heightened reality.”

     Here is an eye-opening analysis of what writers and would-be writers need to know to get to that next stage of their development. Every library, writer and would-be writer, every parent and every teacher should hear this insightful, studio-recorded CD that is fun to listen to and share with friends. It will change the way you write.

φ φ φ φ (four roses out of five)

$10 + $2 Shipping/Handling = $12 Total   (Publisher pays the tax.)


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