Geroge the Dog, John the Artist – “A Rescue story”

May 2, 2016

George the Dog, John the Artist  by John Dolan

John and his dog, Spanky, review books, movies, DVDs, etc.

JOHN: This caught my interest immediately because I am a cartoonist and Spanky (our dog) and I review books, DVDs, etc.

SPANKY: We should have written this book.

JOHN: The guys drawings, at least the simple ones, look a bit like mine.

SPANKY: And the dog rescues him, not the other way around. The author was homeless, often in prison, and begging for a living.

JOHN: We never have fallen that low. Though many people might think living in Wisconsin qualifies.

I liked the first chapter, where the guy talks about how he got the dog, and letter, after a boring build-up to his show, the pay off of how much it means to be reunited with his family.

SPANKY: I have to agree (because you are typing this), that the details of his drug addition and life on the streets of England get a bit tiresome. But there is a purpose in this, that indicate why the big show of his work comes to mean so much to him.

JOHN: This is not a book for everyone, but I found it personally rewarding. I even have gone back to doing some drawings. I know this book will get the five out of five from you Spanky and I will award it five rosebuds. I hope Dolan’s life has continued to get better and better.


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