A Dog’s Journey – “Loyalty”

March 8, 2016

A Dog’s Journey by W. Bruce Cameron

JOHN: I once did a book about dogs who could see / talk with ghosts. I proved to be a way to convey more to a reader than what he or she can feel directly from plot action. In a way A Dog’s Journey does the same. We see the central character through several lifetimes and the girl it protects through different stages of her life.
SPANKY: Who would have thought dogs have multiple lives. We always hear about cats’ nine lives, but now that’s nothing.
JOHN: The author makes the dog seem very real through all of this and the dilemmas the woman faces seem real too.
SPANKY: Just when a reader thinks her or she knows what will happen the story switches gear. I love that.
JOHN And overall what do we conclude? Dogs have a hidden purpose whether or not human’s realize it.
SPANKY: We do, and it is more than partnering on book reviews. This book is special.
JOHN: Yes, read it and your life, at least the role of dogs in it, will never be the same.
SPANKY: It’s a real tail-wagger.


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