Wipeout – “Paying the Price”

October 26, 2015


Wipeout  by Chip Hughes

I don’t know why I like these books so much. I’m not a surfer (I live in Southern Wisconsin for godsake) but find the Hawaiian backdrop exotic and accessible.

This story does have an involved plot though. A surfer, who is supposedly dead, in reality has taken up with another woman leaving his pregnant wife. But equally intriguing the surfer detective she hires sleeps with the missing husband’s new woman despite his having a pregnant girlfriend who he believes wants a commitment of marriage.

I can’t remember a book where we distrust and disapprove of the actions of the narrator. It all turns out OK in the end, plus the love of surfing, as opposed to making money, one way or another, comes across in a very real, very cathartic way.

I don’t know if I feel like facing 30 foot drops myself (I do know: I wouldn’t), but somehow reading about them as I look across the corn-filled fields of Wisconsin, seems exciting.


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