The Art of Peeling an Orange – “Love and Lust”

November 22, 2015


The Art of Peeling an Orange by Victoria Avilan

This is a difficult book to comment on.

A woman is deserted by her fiancé the day they are to be married. He eventually dies and she angrily confronts the woman he deserted her for, a famous author. Later she falls in love with her and discovers the author is blind.

Why is this hard? For a man there are many lesbian scenes that are very explicit (perhaps why the book was free on Kindle), but for me it was the idea of seeing art through the eyes of others and doing it for that insight rather than satisfying your own ego.

I found the setting and characters hard to follow in this modern retelling of Orpheus Descending, yet the answers to the questions it raises are critical.

I read it to the end, and maybe that is the answer, we have to live the conflict both through the book and within our own lives.

4 out of 5

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