A Temporary Ghost – “Haunting”

May 6, 2016

John and his dog, Spanky, review books, movies, DVDs, etc.


 A Temporary Ghost by Michaela Thompson

JOHN: Two things I love about this book: the descriptive pictures of Provence and, even to the end, not sure who the murder is.

SPANKY: I also liked the title, and the dynamics. The narrator is hired to be a ghost writer for someone she doesn’t know is innocent.

JOHN: There are many characters but the author makes it easy for the reader to follow them and keep things straight. Not easy. And way too many books on Kindle (especially the free ones) don’t think about the reader and his or her challenges.

SPANKY: The ending makes sense even though it is a surprise. This is a page-turner and we have every confidence the author knows what she is doing.

JOHN: I highly recommend the mystery. It might not be the same as a trip to Provence, but you will spend less time getting there.

5 out of 5_edited-1

SPANKY: Yes, five times “yes.”

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