Expanding the Conversation

August 30, 2017

by Jaime B. Hansen

This is a book that has changed my life. The weird thing is that I read a part of the beginning and decided, at first, no to read anymore. That said, millennials, are the business people of the future and this book is directed at them. I am retired and at first thought I could care less about millennials, But I have a grandson on the Ausberger Spectrum and have always felt he wasn’t disadvantaged, but the waive of the future. Plus I had an ad agency, that I felt played a

secondary role to clients.

I remember once coming home (running out of gas on the way because the gas gauge was broken on my clunker) from a new client. The VP, manager of training, had said, I didn’t have to do anything, they would provide me with ad content, all I had to do was pretend it was from me and send a bill. Years later I was to appreciate that advertising, at least my role, was entirely secondary to their operation.

Now I had time to write about this and would skim over this book to get some insight into the situation. I did and came to realize that male vs female earning were the least of the problem. Jaime Hansen, the author, says, “To date women who want to attain success in business are manly, advised to behave like a man. Think like a man, speak like a man, act like a man, even lead like a man… Women should be encouraged to highlight their differences, emphasize their positive-gender-dominant attributes. The mos successful teams result form individuals who complement each others strengths, not replicate them.”

And so I did in the ad business. And so I will in my life.

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