Sarah Woods Mystery Series (Vol 4) – Engaging

February 14, 2016


Jenifer Jenning’s Sarah Woods Mystery Series (Vol 4)  

JOHN: I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed a series more. Perhaps, it was read after several books I didn’t care for. But finding this series of four novels just satisfied me right.

SPANKY: There is a rather intriguing subplot. Sarah Woods falls in love with her expoliceman, detective.

JOHN:The surface plots are suspenseful and fast moving.

SPANKY: And all deal with sex.

JOHN: A missing fiancé, under disguise taking care of a comatose father. A pregnant woman murdered by a family member. Men interested in pre-teen females.

SPANKY: But we wonder what is going to happen on all levels. Usually a series is successful then follows the winning formula too closely. Not this one

JOHN: Good reading that will have you thinking about the characters days later.

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