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Kerouac Biography – End of the Road

February 5, 2015


There are certain books you read, re-read, live and re-read. On the Road was one of them for me. I read it in college, went to San Francisco to become a beatnik only to discover I was fifteen years too late. But ever since, I have dreamed the book, oh not as literature but as the adventure it would always be. Read the rest of this entry ?


ON THE ROAD – “It will never be ‘yes’ again!”

January 3, 2010

                 On the Road by Jack Kerouac

     Where did it go so terribly wrong? It was that day we hesitated. Bought into the security of their rules—the “A” students, the Mortgage Bankers, the Chinese. Instead of the mad energy of anything is possible, we settled for accountability, the quantifiable.

     But remember: “Dean bought a car and is coming… Read the rest of this entry ?