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Message from a Blue Jay – “Please Watch Where You FLy”

June 15, 2015

Blue Jay

by Faye Rapoport DesPres

A friend wrote a book of poems called What the Postcard Didn’t Say and I think it could be an excellent title for this book. On one side of a card we get a beautiful picture of a mountain sunrise or Kensington Gardens or a blossoming flower with a caterpillar winding up its stalk. But on the other is a handwritten message revealing much more: what it is like go grow old, to have a mother-in-law who hates you dying of cancer, to be childless.

I found the contrasts in this book very moving and It caused me to think of the ups and downs of my own life: prostate cancer, divorce, bankruptcy. Easy to gloss over but at the time agonizing. DesPres writes: “No life is fully shared. Loneliness is always waiting, like the water beneath the wooden plank that Ralph placed over the creek.”

This is not easy writing to read, but sooner or later we all have to face up to the other side. This author provides the right mechanism to do just that.

PS Be sure to read her FB entries at the end. I have long believed writing let’s us live life more fully. But it is not all intense, like the finished product. Some of it is listening to the conversation at other tables in Panera’s.



Edge of Nowhere – “Coming to Terms”

July 14, 2014


by John Smelcer

Print Length: 154 pages

Publisher: Leapfrog Press

Price $8.99

Buy now from Amazon. Click:  Edge of Nowhere

The writing improves—less adverb, adjective over-filled sentences as the writer/reader gets into the real story. And what is that? On one level it is a boy lost at sea rediscovering his heritage with the land that eventually saves him, on another it is his exploring his relationship with a father the boy believes responsible for his mother’s death.

How do you do this with only one character in a scene? I’m not sure you can, after all Huck had Jim and Robinson Crusoe, Friday. Wait a minute Seth does have someone else. Read the rest of this entry ?