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Goodey’s Last Stand – “The Real Thing”

August 5, 2015


I thought this would be stereotype, hard-boiled detective stuff. It’s not. Starting with the narrator shooting an innocent Polish night watchman by mistake, a cop losing his job and then being promised to get it back if he solves a rather involved murder as a PI.

Sure, there is the expected wise-guy patter, but in this case it seems heart-felt and there are settings (a cemetery outside of San Francisco, for example) and characters that are genuine (“Let me give you some advice: No matter how much you don’t like your job, it’s better than being retired. When the time comes that somebody wants to retire you, you take that gun of yours and blow your brains out first.”) Read the rest of this entry ?


On The Street

December 1, 2014


On the Street Where You Die, by Al Stevens

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Who would play the narrator/private detective in a movie? Maybe Alec Baldwin. It would have to be someone whose wisecracks we are comfortable with, yet don’t see as a projection of ourselves. Someone who is smart, yet not good looking in the Hollywood sense. Alec Baldwin. Read the rest of this entry ?


THE KILLER INSIDE ME – “You Gotta Go There”

February 18, 2011

The Killer inside Me

by Jim Thompson

256 pages, $13.95

This classic of shadowy, noir alienation predates Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley by three years but has the first-person narrator enter into the crime in a way that makes us both cheer and abhor his (our) amoral choices. Credible settings, taut dialogue, haunting theme, Thompson has a way of making things happen Read the rest of this entry ?