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The Man Who Would Be F. Scott Fitzgerald– “Gatsby Revisited”

September 12, 2014

F. Scott Fitzgerald 

The Man Who Would Be F. Scott Fitzgerald

Author: David Handler

Print Length: 256 pages

Publisher: Road (June 26, 2012)

Buy Here from Amazon, $7.99: Click: The Man Who Would Be F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Stewart Hoag Mysteries)

I am writing a book that parallels The Great Gatsby and thought I’d get some background information from the library on F. Scott Fitzgerald. Boring. But one book I got by accident was this which had Fitzgerald’s name in the title. It turned out to be a terrific diversion from the others. It is about a has-been writer with a basset hound that sleeps on his head.

The narrator has been asked to ghost write a book by a media-favorite who has writers’ block. What a reader doesn’t know is how the plot actually does go along the same path as The Great Gatsby and Fitzgerald’s life. What an inspiring surprise and the mystery makes more and more sense as it untangles. I couldn’t put it down and when the book was over I had plenty to think about.




GATSBY – “The Best Fiction of All Time”

January 4, 2012

I have read this book at least five times (at various stages of my life), but, as I was telling my friend Rod, a real classic is one that mirrors different things in you each time you read it. Usually I am in a Nick Caraway mood, but this past holiday, I felt more like the disillusioned Gatsby. Why doesn’t matter, but the book was there for me, and that does. Rather than write an essay that states the obvious I thought I would indulge myself with a poem that is my take on the classic. See what you think. John