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Walden – “Once More with Love”

January 7, 2012

How many times can you read a book. Well, I have read Walden so many times I can’t believe some of the ideas in it did not originate with me. Anyway, Bob, a good friend, suggested my doing poems on books instead of critiques. Drop whatever you are doing, or think you’re doing, and read Thoreau’s classic, but for a teaser, here is my poem:

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PRETTY GOOD JOKE BOOK – “Here They Come, Radio on or Not.”

July 2, 2011

Pretty Good Joke Book: 5th Edition

Keillor’s Pretty Good Joke Book

by Garrison Keillor

High Bridge, 2011, 5th Edition

$12.95, 400 pages

There’s a reason good sales people are good joke tellers. As Keillor points out in the introduction to this book, “It’s a way to get to know people in a short time.” And how do you review a joke book? You don’t. Readers want some examples and if they don’t laugh, forget it.  If they do it’s A Pretty Good Joke Book.

  1. “Veni, Vidi, Velcro”—I came, I saw, I stuck around.
  2. If a cow laughed, would milk come out of her nose? Read the rest of this entry ?


April 3, 2011


LA Theater Works, 20 Compact Disks, 2010, /$119

These plays are remarkable , and having them all together on twenty CDs allows us to appreciate their range and depth in a way that seeing one of them as a play or movie does not. I am only half way through but can’t hold back any longer (I’ll do a second review when I finish the other half). Read the rest of this entry ?


SIDE MAN (CD) — “All That Jazz”

February 23, 2011

Side Man (CD) by Warren Leight

LA Theater Works

2 Compact Disks, $25.95

I have long been a fan of LA Theater Works audios. First of all, they remind me of the classic radio programs I grew up with. Plus, you can often zero in on dialogue that might fly past in a stage presentation. And those of us living outside of Manhattan have a chance to sample what is great from Broadway we just couldn’t on commercial radio and TV. Side Man won the Tony award in 1999 for best play and features the lead of that production (who also won a Tony).

But even more important this celebrates post-war jazz and the Read the rest of this entry ?


GROSS INDECENCY – “The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde”

January 6, 2011

Gross Indecency

by Moises Kaufman

L.A.Theater Works CD

2 disks, $25.95

Did you know he brought his accusers to trial first–for libel? After he withdrew his charge the courts turned on him (trials two and three). There is inherent drama in this excellent audio version of the play, Gross Indecency by Moises Kaufman, charged with life by some great reads by terrific actors. Read the rest of this entry ?