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My dog and I review books together, mostly from the library or on Kindle.

Rabit Reading

“Damn, this is good!”

1) Everything Is Changing

Music downloads, DVD mail rentals and Internet book sales prove there’s a far greater demand by consumers for products than the blockbuster-only music retailers, movie theaters and bookstores are providing. The problem is…where do we browse like we once could in a small independent bookstore?

2) Browsers Welcome

The answer is HERE. Sure you can click on a book you are thinking about buying and maybe (like with amazon) there is a chance to look inside. But how do you know to go there in the first place.
Each month we will provide two lists: “What’s Hot” and “What’s Top.” These will appear to the right. The first will be a list of brand new titles we think worth looking at this current month. Click on them for a review why. The “What’s Top” will give you books receiving the most clicks of all those we have reviewed. Both will have links to the reviews and if you like you can order the book there directly from amazon.

3) Have Your Book Listed

And here is the frosting on the cake. If you have a book you want listed, you are welcome to send it to us for consideration.  There is no charge…but also there are no guarantees. Also check out “Good Writing Articles” and “New Literary Contests.”



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