Conspiracy of Silence― “that Echoes”

August 1, 2015


Conspiracy of Silence by Martha Powers

Some stories, especially mysteries, get you thinking about half way through, who done it. The culprit is not someone introduced at the 11th hour, but usually the most unlikely member of the cast.

Here we have a narrator who finds out, as an adult, that she was adopted. She not only wants to find out who her mother was, but also why her father murdered the woman.

She has only her own childhood dreams to lead her to the answers, but there are twists and turns she, and the reader, never foresee.

The culprit is a surprise, yet logical solution. But what we get along the way is an even more powerful back-story. What it means to be a girl, how a father is a father―not only in her case but also for the daughter of a man, Nate, she becomes close friends with.

I have to tell you I was turning pages right until the end. The title (though appropriate) didn’t grab me, but the roller coaster of a story sure did.



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