Hounded – “Proof”

July 19, 2015

Sherlock Hound

Hounded by David Rosenfelt

The narrator is an amusing defense lawyer whose good friend, a policeman, has been arrested for murder. So why is there a dog on the cover—to sell books, the picture of an attorney wouldn’t.

But I think a trial, and preparing for it, is the perfect way for an author to give and hold back information and keep the curious reader, curious. And there is a very emotional subplot involving the son of the dead man and, yes, the boy’s dog.

There is also some technical data people should know: “If we write an email. or a tweet, it is permanent. If we visit a website the world of law enforcement, to say nothing of the world of advertising, knows we have been there, what we did once we were there, and how long we have spent.  And then there are the ubiquitous GPS devices, in rental cars, in our own cars, and most notably in our cell phones.”

As well as a cleverness that keeps us laughing and the fiction real: “I call Willie Miller and ask him to convey to Joseph Russo the possibility that Parker worked for a Nevada crime family. I figure maybe they all know each other from crime conventions or mobster book clubs…” “…the last time someone took me at face value, there were pay phones on every corner and people were buying encyclopedias.”

There is a description of taking the kid to a Disney movie (“We get to the theater, which is a madhouse, with what seems like thousands of little people running around like ants, yelling and inhaling candy and soda. I feel like Gulliver, having wandered into a cinematic Lilliput.”)

Rosenfelt is an excellent writer about everything, not just dogs, but life, and this book is proof.

5 out of 5_edited-1


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