The Karma Queens – Better and Better

May 25, 2015

The karma Queens


I would have done this book differently. Changed the title to something more appealing to those of us who are suspicious of karma, past lives, numerology. Put user benefits on the cover instead of the blonde with a tattoo and her mother. Maybe, these are grabbers for people who know their TV show, but, to be honest I don’t, and yet I think the book is very thought provoking and helpful.

I may not subscribe to “past lives” but I do think we get many of our prejudices from our family and our parent’s generation. Doesn’t mean we can’t change, only that we need to be honest about our imprints and start there. I have a fear of campfires and my dad did too. What is that all about? And we seemed programmed for rejection.

This book tells us what is necessary to change all this and feel good about ourselves. When I came to the chapter on numerology I thought “no way.” But then I started to do the numbers on my own life and read the descriptions and…they were correct.

I liked the chapters on dealing with a death, friendship, community and karmic cycles. With my own interpretation of things, that is. But there is plenty to think about on any terms. I have to say this proved to be an important book for me, despite the cover.

4 out of 5


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