Deviations – Unexpected

May 25, 2015


Deviations by Mike Markel

Usually I can tell without looking if a book is written by a man or a woman. But this one starts with a female narrator on the skids. Fired, an alcoholic. Sleeping around. Only when she is rehired and goes after some neo Nazis does the plot move from emotional to cataclysmic. The police and political procedures are credible. I particularly liked the behind-the-scenes university stuff. And at the end Detective Seagate does go beyond the primary crime’s solution.

I knew a neo-Nazi when I grew up in Chicago (a real jerk) and just wanted that part left buried anyway.

A male writer isn’t afraid to trash his main character (and her Mormon partner), but though this is part of a series, I would have liked to see more of a personal resolution for the female narrator (a female author would have provided that). But I guess that is what keeps us going to the next book. Anyway, I am out of Montana for awhile.

3 out of 5_edited-1


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