No Way To Die – “More”

May 3, 2015


by M. D. Grayson

In this new age of Kindle and print-on-demand there seems to me to be more female mystery writers and female central characters, so it is interesting to compare them to a book by a man with Danny Logan PI, the central character.

Women have interesting plot lines, detailed clothing description and usually a subtext of an unhappy lover relationship.

Grayson provides specific interviewing strategies, how someone can “fixate” on a solution to the exclusion of other possibilities and the challenges of a “friend with benefits” relationship.

There is substantive content the reader can take away beside entertaining plot twists and a knowledge of FBI procedures and cryptography that adds credibility to this experience.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying women couldn’t write this well. I am saying it may take them more time and effort to achieve this kind of success.

I am saying, this is a model of writing worth striving for.

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