Pink Balloons and Other Deadly Things – “Popping Them”

April 29, 2015

images (2)

by Nancy Tesler

Stop! Did you ever analyze why you are sympathetic to a narrator, or not? Sherlock Holmes is a smug guy with answers he eventually reveals to us, but Dr. Watson is the narrator. And Carrie Carlin is just the opposite of Holmes.

A stress-coping counselor, her life and her marriage of eighteen years, is falling apart. Plus her husband’s girl friend is murdered. Carrie bumbles from one disappointment to the next and we are with her.

In the last few pages of the book we get surprising answers. Not enough for a happy life, but enough for a good night’s sleep.

This book is original, heartfelt, and surprising. Even the title makes sense in the end.



  1. Thanks so much for your excellent and thoughtful review of “Pink Balloons.” Every so often I get a review that just lights up my day. This was one of those. Much appreciated.

    • Thank you. I am a writer myself and admire what you are able to do. John

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