If Jack Had – “A Killer”

April 27, 2015


by Steven Rappaport

This is not a book I would ordinarily pick up and read. It features a newspaper/magazine writer who is also a murder for a Russian mob.

But this novel proves thought-provoking. Patricia Highsmith-like, it backs readers into a corner. We learn about ourselves to get out. There is an aging hit man on his last job, The killer who just has to tell someone what he does—his best friend of twenty years. His feeling of loss at the fatal sickness of his lifelong Russian boss and coming to terms with ending his own live.

There are also presentations of the narrator’s father, his two mothers (one who never wanted a child), an infidelity on an air plane, New York (past and present), plus the painful legacy he confronts in his own son.

I found the articles he was working on credible, and I turned the pages late into the night to fin our how his other exploits would end.

On the back cover, Steven Rappaport tells us about his eldest son, Jack, dying at forty and how he, the father, was providing him with the life he never lived. And he has done that for us, who thought we had.

4 out of 5

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