Paint Me Gone – “The Canvas Is Still Wet”

April 5, 2015

Paint Me Gone by Molly Greene


Let me begin with the things I liked. Monterey. If you’ve ever been there, now you will visit it again—the descriptions of ocean-side cliffs, intriguing shops, colorful people. I also think Oliver, the gay friend of the narrator is intriguing. We usually get one-dimensional stereotypes but here is a person who changes. As does the female narrator detective.

She is in recovery from a relationship with a guy or trying to get over it anyway. And he, at one point, is dating an artist’s model who dovetails into the plot of artists, artist assistants, painting dealers and a missing sister who is believed to have committed a murder. So where is she? And who was responsible for the murder?

That brings me to the denouement which is far too detailed in its explanation for a reader who just wants to know “who dun it” and move on.

But the credibility is real. You are in Monterey. You are an insider in the art scene. You care about the narrator, the gay guy, the missing sister. The rest…the rest will get better over the rest of the series.

4 out of 5


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