Dark Moon Crossing by Sylvia Nobel – “This One is Beyond Borders”

March 30, 2015


This is a book I would not have read if it weren’t free on Kindle (and I was sick of reading 600 page hardbacks). For one, it takes place along the US Southern border, two, it deals with the pros and cons of illegal immigrants, and three, there is a suggestion of extraterrestrial abduction (that’s right aliens taking aliens).

The central character is a newspaper editor who is helping an illegal entry friend, but also has to make up her mind to go on a vacation with a rancher who she fears might be taken with another woman.

It all makes sense in the end and emotionally is very satisfying too, though I need to warn you the alien abduction thing covers an even more gruesome activity in an all too real way.

I liked the way that we got a pro-illegal immigration and an anti-illegal immigration perspective. I felt for the narrator in her personal dilemma and was really captivated by her vision of the space ship when she spends the night. trapped in the prison cell of a ghost town. If I were to complain of anything, it would be the author wrapping up all the details in a lengthy chapter right next to the end. Too much. This may have been acceptable once upon a time. But now we want a conclusion that makes sense and allows us to figure out why on our own.

But this is a good read, on real issues. I highly recommend Dark Moon Crossing.

5 out of 5_edited-1


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