Lana’i or the Tiger – “Mahalo!”

January 10, 2015


Lana’i of the Tiger

I have been to Maui and as the author points out in her Afterwords this book is a nice way of revisiting that part of the world. Sure, it’s a mystery, but it proves to be so much more. The narrator (who is re-assigned to one of the islands as part of the whiteness protection program) works at a B &B where she is torn between defending a movie producer and giving away her actual identity.

This unfolds naturally enough, along with the disturbing news that her best friend on Maui may be shacked up with her boy friend. I was pulled into the central character and the dilemmas she faced. The plot didn’t seem forced, the emotions were real, and the setting, as I said, was wondrous.

Maybe I just wanted to like this because I had been there and it was a behind the scenes glance at what I had experienced. I don’t care. With Wisconsin weather being in the sub zero range, I am happy to imagine being elsewhere.

5 out of 5_edited-1



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