Conditions – “Thought Provoking”

December 25, 2014


Conditionss by Christoph Fischer

Not great but something no one would have seen just a few years ago. This book starts with a brother and his wife who are resentful of his mother seeming to favor an autistic son. The story then goes on to explore members of both sides who gather for the mother’s funeral. This is when it got confusing and profound.

I particularly liked the pros and cons of tarot reading, the ill-fated reconciliation of a wife and her abusive husband and the confrontation between the brother and wife at his meeting his brother’s psychiatric guardian. The book finishes without tying up loose ends, but makes us readers better understand and think about them.

The number of characters proves confusing. I don’t know how good writers have a way of keeping all this straight for readers. I find that particularly important with Kindle since it is hard to go back and check. On the other hand big publishers would not have ventured into subjects of autism, brother resenting brother, abusive relationships, bullying. Times have changed. Books have changed. We are better off than ever before for reading them.

4 out of 5


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