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December 9, 2014


The One We Love by Donna White Glaser

I have been reviewing books for several years and have over 80,000 hits on my web site from all over the world. At first I would get the self-published, digital books regular reviewers disdained. And many were poorly written and self-indulgent. But now these types of books have gotten better and better. They present real people in real places, giving insight into subjects all around us that big, established New York and California publishers are not bothered with. It would take an author twenty years to get published there and those that did followed formulas of what had sold before.

Here is a book that takes place in Northern Wisconsin. That gives behind the curtain dynamics between real people at a clinic and at a shelter for abused women. The narrator is a former alcoholic trying to come to terms with the second and third steps of that program. The future is here. Writing is here and now.

There are real politics and tension. I felt I got to know and appreciate an over-worked (and over-stressed) staff, the psychology of why an abused woman goes back to her painful relationship. Plus there are some scenes that took me into trailer parks and barns I have often driven past and wondered about. Plus there’s a very moving comparison of the narrator as a child to the boy hidden in stacks of hay. Through this book I have come to more fully understand the abused, alcoholics, those who try to help them and how difficult this all is.

This is the kind of book I want to review. This is the kind of book you should read.



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