Magic Mirror – “E-Books Have Arrived”

October 7, 2014

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

File Size: 405 KB

Print Length: 226 pages

Publisher: booksBnimble (August 13, 2013)

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Buy directly from Amazon. Click: Magic Mirror: A Parisian Mystery (Georgia Lee Maxwell #1) (The Georgia Lee Maxwell Series)

Times they are a changing. It used to be (a couple years ago) that the new technology opened the floodgates to anyone and everyone, whether they had something to say or not, whether they were talented writers or not. But Magic Mirror is a sophisticated tale of good storytelling, great location, plot twists and a theme that starts out strong and gets stronger and stronger, until (like the image of a mirror) it stares the reader in the face at the end.

There are many characters, but the author does a good job of reminding us, each time they are introduced, who they are and the designated roles they play. I particularly like the narrator, an American gossip writer, fired, who now finds herself in the midst of a real story…in Paris. As someone who has been to Parris a few times, I appreciate that Michaela Thompson, doesn’t glamorize it.

I found myself reading this late into the night and thinking about it well after I finished. You will too. E-books have arrived!



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