The Scent of Murder – “A Nose Full”

July 27, 2014



The Scent of Murder

by Jeffrey Marks

Print Length: 240 pages

Publisher: Delphi Books, 2014

Price: $ 2.99

Buy from Amazon. Click Here:  The Scent of Murder (Marissa Scott mysteries Book 1)

Often there are two levels with a mystery book: one criminal, the other more personal or interpersonal. This  story is no exception. A woman (the narrator) who runs a cosmetic department at a department store is left by a man who falls for a younger woman. And then that girl is found murdered in the narrator’s office.

Three things surprised me. First that this is written by a man, not a woman—a man who notices perfumes, what women wear, the dynamics of a failing relationship. Second this takes place in Ohio, not LA or NYC, but Ohio. And third, I am not only reading this but intrigued by it (I don’t notice perfumes, what women wear or the dynamics of relationships). Oh, yes, to complete the correlation the woman is proposed to by a police detective (she turns him down).

And, the two disparate elements, they do fit together in a way that will have you thinking about this long after you finish the book. The problem is that many new writers is that they include too many characters without a recap to help the person reading this over days and weeks. The Scent of Murder does this too, but it is less distracting because we are more involved.

Would I want to read subsequent books by this author? No, I think I have more than enough with just this one.

4 out of 5


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