Deadly Illusions – “They pull you on.”

June 13, 2014

Deadly Illusions

Deadly Illusions

by Chester Campbell

Print Length: 285 pages

Publisher: Durban House, 2005

Price: $2.99 Kindle, $10.56 Paperback, Click:  Deadly Illusions (Greg McKenzie Mysteries)

This is a well written mystery. I stumbled on it because I too am a Vietnam vet like one of the characters. Somewhere I read, if you have one idea, sit on it; if you have two conflicting ones, that may be the basis for a good book. This novel has at least four: 1) the detective couple, 2) the vet and his misunderstood stereotype, 3) the hot-tempered narrator who had been dismissed from the police department and 4) two unrelated mysteries that prove related.

I love the sense of real danger to the detective couple and their involvement in various cases at the same time in order to make money to pay bills or fulfill some below the surface emotional needs.

I kept turning the pages to find out where this was going next. Only the last chapter or two seemed a little old fashioned with its connecting the dots, but even here there was something pulling me on.

Did I guess the perpetrators? Yes, but the real mystery was their reasons for doing what they did. That kept me going long into the night.


After following a snake-like career path that writhed about from newspapers to magazines to speechwriting to advertising to PR to association management, I settled on novel writing after retirement. I’m having a blast. My PI characters do things I’d never dare attempt. The reviewers love ’em, and so do the fans. Most of my stories are drawn from life, from all the weird and wonderful things that go on around me. Since I’ve been observing this for the last 88 years, there’s no shortage of stuff to draw on.

4 out of 5


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