Authorpreneur – “A writer’s must read”

April 22, 2014
Jack Lehman, book reviewer

Jack Lehman, book reviewer


by Geraldine Solon

Paperback: 82 pages

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

$11.23 on Amazon, Kindle is less, (Click: Authorpreneur in Pajamas: Building Your Author’s Platform Without Leaving Your Home)

This book is so now.  We all suffer, especially writers who tend to be anti-social, under the delusion “build it and they will come.” But as Geraldine Solon points out, we need to know the “who” and “what they will get” before we write it. And that, that is the hard work. Fortunately no one has the answers.

Fortunately because we have to find them for ourselves. And this book is just the encouragement we need to do that. With the demise of big publishers, agents, even bookstore chains—no one knows the answers. Except now it is an even playing field and with Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads etc. we have the means to market what we publish on demand or on Kindle.

Usually I dog-ear pages of a book I’m reviewing. With this one I have dog-eared almost every page, not for something to quote, but for something to do, something I should do.

The challenge. Traditional forces don’t want to admit this and have you reading it. Also writing books and colleges have concentrated on prose and poetry style, not marketing, so most writers don’t think they have to do it or read about it.

Have a blog. Get on Facebook. Enter contests. Make contacts. Learn from others who have been successful.

Once I participated in a writing program at the UW in Madison. The well-known literary agent, Jeff Herman was on stage complaining about publishers and writers. I raised my hand and asked, “If this is so much trouble, why are you in this business?” “A great question,” he answered and thought about an answer. Then he blurted out, “I’m in this business because I like making deals.”

For us wanabe’s this book is a great deal!


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