The Drowning Pool – “What? Who? Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle!”

April 16, 2014
Ross Macdonald

Ross Macdonald

The Drowning Pool

by Ross Macdonald

Paperback: 256 pages

Publisher: Vintage; Reprint edition (June 3, 1996)

$13.06 on Amazon, (Click: The Drowning Pool)

I remember that they made a movie of this with Paul Newman called “Harper.” But how that fit with this Ross Macdonald classic, I can’t recall.

Also, I read this book before but don’t remember it either.

Wait a minute, this isn’t all my fault. There are too many characters and Lew Archer is like a pinball bouncing off of one, then the next. The guilty person (spoiler) is the least likely, of course, a young girl, but the settings and dialogue are always intriguing no matter who drowned.

I feel like Archer, who says: “But once I’m in a case I sort of like to stay through to the end. It’s more than curiosity. She must have died for a reason. I owe it to her or myself to find out the reason, to see the whole thing clear.”

And then to forget it, right Lew! To forget it.

3 out of 5_edited-1


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