A Taste of Old Revenge – “Just Good!”

April 2, 2014

A Taste of Old Revenge

BR coverby B.R. Stateham

Paperback: 390 pages

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

$12.45 on Amazon, (Click: A Taste of Old Revenge)
This is 100% good reading, good writing. The mystery story at its best. Let me explain.

First, an asymmetrical partnership―like Holmes and Watson, Nick and Nora, the Hardy Boys―allows the author to predict, withhold and reveal, depending upon the perspective; and that is what hooks, intensifies and ultimately satisfies the reader’s curiosity.

Second, there is credibility so the reader will not be distracted wondering if this is life or art. Stateham has investigative procedures down. And he creates locations that mirror the theme and backstory. He keeps us emotionally involved. I loved Turner Hahn’s fixation for muscle cars and the mysterious wealth that allows him to refurbish them. Interesting in itself, this also lets us experience the murdered man’s life and the impact of Henry Tully’s behind the scenes investor. The appearance of Turn’s Grandpa brings the story into the “here and now.”

Third, and best, there are three cases being investigated at once. That just seems real. No cop, private or public, could drop everything to handle just one at a time. The fact that the three eventually merges is literary gravy. And that is what happens here as you discover late into the night when you finish A Taste of Old Revenge.

As my hero Andre Dubus said:

I do not ever think about career when I’m in my writing cave. I do not. I try not to think; I dream. It’s my mantra. I just get in there and try to be these people. It’s not so I can write a book and get paid and have another book tour—though those are good problems to have. It’s because I feel an almost sacred obligation to these spirits who came before: to sit with them and write their tale.  

Better than the classics, this is a book for our time.





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  1. Good lord, what a review. My most humble appreciation and thanks, my friend.

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