From the Dog’s Mouth – “Two Legs vs. Four”

January 31, 2014

Wire Fox Terrier

From the Dog’s Mouth

by Mr. Darby

Paperback: 160 pages

Publisher: FastPencil Wavecrest (April 21, 2012)

$13.46 on Amazon, less for Kindle (Click: From the Dog’s Mouth: Barks, Yelps and Growls

The first three chapters of this book (the conceit is that it is written by a dog and channeled through its owner) is perhaps the best thing I have ever read about dogs—and I have several that I love. The words are so true. I am also a fan of Carl Jung who the dog’s master is using in his work. But after those chapters, it goes downhill fast. Until it swings around a curve and turns into sort of a soap opera. In the last chapter, the genuinely moving loss of a friend, Riggs, is overshadowed by some out of date political crap.

It’s as if someone buying what is said at the beginning would have to think about Fox-type celebrities, religion, immigration, politics and other subjects this way. It makes me want to go back and see if I really do relate to the narrator like I thought.

But read this quote. It might be the most important thing you’ll ever learn about dogs and people:

Dog owners want raising their pet to be simple and easy. But just as there are millions of types of two-legs, we canines have a wide range of “wills” and “won’ts” that are never addressed. For instance, no matter what the breed, dogs do not like to be controlled by their owners. We are looking for someone to accept us for who we are, not for who and what they need us to be. 

The rest is “poo” in the dog park.

2 out of 5_edited-1



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