Dying to Get Published – “Every Writer’s Nightmare”

January 29, 2014

Dying to Get Published

Dying to Get Published 

by Judy Fitzwater

Paperback: Fawcett, 240 pages

$14.80 on Amazon, less for Kindle (Click: Dying to Get Published (The Jennifer Marsh Mysteries)

Here is my reaction in the form of a poem.

Mystery Story

A mystery story writer who can’t

get published, decides to murder

an obnoxious literary agent to see

what it really feels like.    Perhaps

generate enough publicity to get

a publisher.   However,  she can’t

do it, though she’s arrested when

the woman is killed by another.


I love the contrast between fiction

and reality, though it leads readers

to questions about this book. The

truth is we want more than reality.

We want answers. We want proof

that things do make sense.       We

want to believe, not in life, but in


4 out of 5


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