Write Away – “Worst Book of the Year”

December 30, 2013

Write Away

Write Away

by Elizabeth George

Perennial Currents

13.92 Paperback, 260 pages

I remember giving a presentation as part of a panel with Elizabeth George. I don’t remember a thing I said, or she did. Wait a minute it was Margret George, not Elizabeth George. No matter, I won’t remember a word of this either.

I like Ms. George’s use of examples from mystery stories, and have to say I have enjoyed her Inspector Lynley and Sgt Havers books, but it is like being in a class where the teacher hands out things and then you have to make something out of them. Maybe it is that I disagree with her overly organized approach to writing. But, like that teacher in a class room, she refers to her agent, her editor, her publisher just to show you that she is important, you are nothing. I know that already, Elizabeth.

It was only at Chapter 16, about the 200th page of the 260 page book, that she hooked me. She began talking about writing her first things and how they got noticed. Suddenly this all seemed very real. Then it didn’t, as she quickly began answering publishing questions from on-high in the next chapter.

It’s not that I doubt what she says about hard work and passion or hard work and talent. I just want to think I’ll be carried forward by the journey. Whether that leads to being published, or even being read by others, it is secondary to the quest.

1 out of 5_edited-1


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