You’ll be Okay – “Kerouac’s First Wife Looks Back”

December 26, 2013


You’ll be Okay

Paperback: 286 pages

Publisher: City Lights Books (September 1, 2007)

This book gives an historic perspective I didn’t have, and realize I don’t want. Kerouac’s first wife is from Grosse Pointe, Michigan—one of the most affluent suburbs in the Midwest. He is attending Columbia along with a well- coifed Allen Ginsburg in a suit coat and tie.

Sure I remember those days, but that is what the Beats were rebelling against. And now we are placing On the Road (one of my favorite books) on the shelf of respectability.

I’m glad Kerouac had someone who cared for him, even in death. But why reduce him to a past wife’s fond memories. Only the last chapter (not written by her, but Timothy Moran) comes alive again with the madness of what it means to live, to talk, to write.

Where is my copy of On the Road? It’s time to get lost again!

2 out of 5_edited-1


One comment

  1. The book is intended to tell the story of how the Beats came to be and who Jack was before he became famous and a drunk set on ending his life because he believed he would never be taken seriously until after he died.

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