Never Buried – “Free on Kindle”

November 2, 2013

Never BuriedNever Buried 

Edie Claire, 1999, 256 pages

NAL division of Penguin Putnam,

$9.38 Paperback

Here are three things I liked about this book. 1) I owned an ad agency, myself, and all the author says about that business is 100% true. 2) Relationships at the front of the book mirror hidden ones that are key to the solution’s credibility at the end. 3) This page turner is free. Free. I still can’t believe it, and that makes me treasure my Kindle even more. Free.

The story begins with an old corpse found in the outside hammock of a house in which two cousins live. One of the cousins is attractive and pregnant. The other is a copywriter keeping her company who takes on the mystery because she wants to spare the mother-to-be.

I like it when the central character is dragged into the plot, just like we are. And her friends, old and young, are very credible. Though the situation might seem farfetched, it gets the reader thinking about his or her own family, friends, husbands of people we know and work acquaintances. How well do we really know someone? And why, sometimes, we don’t want to.


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