Screen Play – “Front Row Seats”

October 21, 2013

Screen PlayScreen Play

Chris Coppernoll, 20101, 348 pages

David C. Cook, $12.47 Paperback

This book has amazing credibility on high profile subjects: putting on a Broadway play, making a Hollywood movie, an around-the-world plane rescue. I was only on about page seventy when something I read (some Christian stuff) made me check the author’s bio. I learned two things. First, this is a guy writing from a female narrator’s perspective. Second, Coppernoll got his masters degree from some seminary. I was raised Catholic and am more than happy to put all that in the past, but I continued reading.

The central character, Harper, wants to see God moving in her life. But to the author’s credit this defines her, not the book. And finding someone and believing in something is worth thinking about, no matter what the context. What I admire is that if I were writing this, I would skip over the details. Coppernoll doesn’t. We are front row at the Broadway play, backstage for the cast politics, in Hollywood watching her talk to Entertainment Tonight, and caught in her dilemma of which internet relationship is worth sacrificing everything for.

This is not the kind of book I would read again. There are no issues below the surface that would be discovered upon a second reading. However, sometimes we need to see conflicts overcome. Believe there is a purpose to everything. Cheer at the ending. Applaud!

3 out of 5_edited-1


One comment

  1. Jack, thanks for your review of SCREEN PLAY. I’ll take a 3-star review from you any day. Really appreciate your insights. I did differ with you on one item: “There are no issues below the surface that would be discovered upon a second reading.” One thing I like to do as a writer is layer my storyline. SP tells a story inside a story in a way that kept my interest as I wrote. CC

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