The Barbary Dogs – “Jump ”

October 15, 2013

The Barbary Dogs 


Cynthia Robinson, 2011, 328 pages

Minotaur Books, $14.99 Paperback

A guy jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge and leaves a note that says his friend should dispose of his material possessions.  But the friend, opera singer, Max Bravo, really didn’t know the guy that well. And when Max is visited by his dead, gypsy grandmother the story takes on hidden dimension.

What does this have to do with “dogs”? Nothing, really, even though the narrator does have a pug and one of the best scenes is when a pack of leaseless-pugs, including his, wander a park as Max tries to get away from a woman with two twins in a stroller.

Death leads to death and eventually we are in Mexico celebrating “The Day of the Dead,” where else would you expect. The plot progression works, though things become a bit overly complicated. I don’t know that the ending is much of a surprise, but I guarantee you will keep reading to get to it, and Max’s bi-character is certainly different.

I’d get this one from the library, but you’ll never read anything like it I promise you, dead or alive.

3 out of 5_edited-1


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