A Three Dog Life – “5 Barks out of 5”

October 7, 2013

A Three Dog Life 

Three Dog Cover

Abigail Thomas,  2007, 197 pages

Houghton Mifflin, $10.36 paperback

Wonderful. This book violates everything I teach about writing—scenes, dynamics between character objectives, dramatic structure—yet it works in a moving, inspiring way.

The narrator is a sixty year old woman whose husband has suffered brain damage. Yes she gets dogs for company, but this isn’t bout them. She feels guilty because her life alone is perhaps better than it would be with him (he is institutionalized). And we understand. There isn’t a misplaced word or phrase, yet our heart goes out to her, as much as to ourselves.

I found myself asking questions about my relatives, my marriage, my dogs, my life.

This is an unusual book, but one everyone should experience for themselves.

Buy this directly from Amazon. Click: A Three Dog Life



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