Theory of Remainders – “Must Read”

September 8, 2013

Le_villageTheory of Remainders

Scott Dominic Carpenter, 2013

Winter Goose Publishing, $13.94 paperback

This is a terrific, must-read book. I say that for three reasons. To start, the narrator is a super-intelligent psychiatrist, capable of valuable insight no matter who he meets. Second, he is back in France (Normandy) in contact with his ex-wife, her current husband  and then…there’s that couple’s daughter, just about the age of the narrator’s girl when she was raped and murdered there. Third, investigation of the mystery leads further and further inside the psychiatrist, himself.

The elements of setting and nuances of character are sublime. I had ten pages to go and still didn’t know how this would be, or could be, resolved. But the ending, like the rest of the book, is perfect. This not only should be on your must-read list, it should be on your read it again and again one. It is poetry, suspense, life-changing reader revelation. Nothing I have read in the last three or four years even comes close.

Buy directly from Amazon. Click: Theory of Remainders

5 out of 5_edited-1

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