Let Us Prey & Textual Relations – “Gotcha”

September 2, 2013

308281_1807852855351_1810837911_1233484_2028871383_n Let Us Prey & Textual Relations

Jamie Lee Scott, 2011
Kindle Editions, $4.99

I read these books in tandem (the box set was a special on Kindle) and am glad I did. For one thing, one plot is as contemporary as the other and, also, the characters subtly develop from their interesting introductions to the reader into people we care about and the dynamics which reveal the values that have formed them.

Let Us Prey concerns the killing of an assistant to a woman who writes a vampire novel series. I found it an interesting backdoor entrance to a world of contemporary role-playing that up to now I felt was off-putting.

The second book, Textual Relations, deals with pedophile Internet predators (a difficult subject, but because of our involvement with the first novel, one we are willing to explore―at least from a distance).

The narrator heads the Gotcha Detective Agency, but is vulnerable because she has a long-time crush on the homicide detective involved in both cases. Outside the constraints of the legal system, but susceptible to human frailty, she proves to be just the right reader stand-in.

I was left both satisfied and looking forward to reading more.

4 out of 5

Order directly from Kindle: Gotcha Detective Agency Mysteries Boxed Set (2 Books)


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