Man in the Dark – “Putting the Metaphor before the Horse”

August 27, 2013

Paul_AusterMan in the Dark

by Paul Auster

Picador, 180 pages

$12.25 paperback

This is a book which I didn’t expect to like that moved me deeply. The description on the book cover seemed a bit to sci-fi, with parallel universes and mysterious assassinations. But…it is all the thoughts of a writer whose wife has died, whose daughter has gone through a painful divorce and whose granddaughter has experienced a tragic loss.

We live through his late-night fantasy and then discover the sources of his apprehension.

I have long been an on-and-off fan of Paul Auster. I am a writer and seventy-two (like his narrator).

Like you I have had problems, some of which I have changed into more manageable conflicts in my writing. Only once or twice in my life have I come across a book that is me, which I eagerly turn pages to find out how my life will be resolved. This one does that.

Forget the description on the back, it is more important than that. This is your life.

Buy this directly from Amazon. Click Man in the Dark: A Novel




  1. Do you accept book submissions for reviews?

    • Here’s the problem. My problem. I am trying to build readership and big names do that. I figure maybe every twenty reviews I can slip in something worth tauting. I am backed up now, but if you are willing to take that chance send me a printed copy. John Lehman, 315 Water St, Cambridge, WI 53523

      • Ok I’ll put you on the list, because word of mouth is the best way to go. Even if you only tell one person. The book is based on my blog, so its fiction with mix of romance, erotic, and pulp noir elements, so there some explicit content. Are you ok with that?

      • Sounds fine. J

        Rosebud Book Reviews JOHN LEHMAN (608-235-2377 cell) 315 Water St.–Rockdale Cambridge, WI 53523

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