Dancing Dogs – “4 Barks!”

August 6, 2013

Dancing Dogs

Ballatine Books, 240 pages, $24

Ballatine Books, 240 pages, $24

I’m a sucker for dog and cat stories, so take what I say with that in mind. I started to read this book before and got through 3 or 4 pieces and just couldn’t take breaking down (crying) at each.

What I found this time, was redemption in the mix. I needed to read all the stories, not pick and choose by title. And that’s how it should be. A dramatic mix with an opening that hooks you, a climax that brings it all some height and an ending that resolves but leaves us wanting more.

I particularly liked “Old Dogs,” “Dancing Dogs,” “Barn Cat” and “Ernie and the Bottled-Water Contest.”

The problem for the author of a book with a cute dog on the cover is how NOT to project human feeling onto pets and how NOT to fall back on needy humans looking for canine or feline redemption. Katz shows ordinary people in ordinary situations. The emphasis is on their relationship with animals which is always credible and insightful.

As my dog, Spanky (with whom I review movies at www.JohnAndSpankyGoToTheMovies.com) might say: BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK (4 BARKs out of 4)

4 out of 5

To order this directly from Amazon for $17.59, click: Dancing Dogs: Stories


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