Sara’s Game – “A Winner, but…”

July 12, 2013

Sara's GameSara’s Game

Ernie Lindsey, 234 pages, $13.49

When I first started this, I thought I’m too old. This is for the generation hooked on hand-held computer games. To make matters worth, I was re-reading Raymond Chandler’s classic Farewell, My Lovely.

I believe the building blocks of a good novel are dramatic scenes between characters. Sara’s Game alternates between Sara, alone, playing  a mysterious game to rescue her three kidnapped children and chapters featuring good interaction between two detectives on the case.

But I have to ask, “What’s in this for me?” With the Chandler book we have the last morally concerned hero (besides the reader) walking some mean streets. He is our champion, whereas Sara, though worthy of our pity, belongs to the other team.

That said, the novel is well plotted, motivation is very credible and the climax, exciting, as well as bringing the two disparate elements together in an unexpected and very moving way. It is the best self-published book I have read. But would I go back to read and reread it, like the Phillip Marlowe classic. To that I say, “Sara, farewell, my lovely.”

4 out of 5

Order this directly from Amazon. Click: Sara’s Game



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