Thursday Morning Breakfast (and Murder) Club

July 3, 2013

Thursday Morning

Thursday Morning Breakfast (and Murder) Club

by Liz Stauffer

Sartoris Literary Group, 247 pages

This book is great for the first 220 pages. Unfortunately there are 240 and the climax, unforeseen because it is so improbable, ruins everything.

The story takes place in a small village of red herrings. There is a folksy coziness to the setting and characters. But we are looking for answer to two murders and the author uses the old trick of having the perpetrators be the least expected (and least probable) people in the cast.

If you believe, as I do, that a good story doesn’t so much surprise us by introducing new elements as somehow fitting together pieces we already know, but are not sure how they might be significant.

I once had a friend who in battling electric power companies said, “We don’t have to offer solutions. That’s a ploy they use to put us on the defensive. We just need to know what they’re proposing doesn’t work.”

Maybe that’s the situation here. The problem is the ending. How to solve that mystery is for the author to figure out. We just have to be able to say what doesn’t work, doesn’t work.

2 out of 5_edited-1

Order this directly from Amazon for $19.95. Click: Thursday Morning Breakfast (and Murder) Club


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