Chasing Broadway – “Opening Night”

July 3, 2013

Chasing Broadway

Chasing Broadway  

by Eve Palvdan

The problem with this book (I read it on Kindle) is that its subtext shifts half way through the story. It begins by effectively mirroring the initial conflict—a young woman torn between love for the leading man in her play and an estranged husband who lives with her and is having an affair with her leading lady. We are led to expect art will offer some solution to real life, but before it can the play in cancelled and the playwright’s mixed relations with her father and the leading man’s secret life take center state.

I liked the detail of the play production. The complexities of the playwright’s relationship to her ex husband and possible new lover as well as some of the villainous characters seem credible enough. And the whole thing sort of does fit together. But a reader might feel he or she is experiencing the drama in the first part and being told about what happens in the epilogue like second. We have come to expect more. I’m afraid this show literately closes before opening night.3 out of 5_edited-1

From Amazon for $2.99 (Kindle). Click: Chasing Broadway: A Romantic Comedy Novel and Pandora’s Boxes: A Short Ghost Story


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