9 Squares – “Dark Arts”

June 17, 2013

9 Squares9 Squares

by E. K. Prescott

Five Star Publications, 295 pages

I have two problems with the subject. First, I gave a talk at Yale or Princeton once and can’t remember which This shows how alien a Wisconsinite is from the Ivy League. Did you know Yale has six secret societies? Six? If you care, you’ll find this book fascinating. If you don’t, join my secret society of one.

Second, there are all kinds of historic political trivia from the twenties here. In light of scandals today these seem substantially more important. But we’re not talking a history book or even a well-thought-out periodical. This is a mystery story about an ex-Scotland Yard detective helping out a soon-to-be Yale freshman, who with her friend had uncovered the skeleton of someone murdered years earlier.

I like the witchcraft backstory, though it becomes a bit tedious, and some of the settings, but get on with the plot, don’t waste time telling us what females at a society luncheon are wearing (“It was a perfect ‘shimmy’ dress adorned with a matching band headdress accessorized with a cluster of glimmering tassels falling to the right of her head.”) or who is a distant relative of whom. For all the preliminary detail, the ending left me confused. Cut the book in half and it will be twice as good. There mystery solved! I’ve got Dancing Dogs by Jon Katz waiting.

2 out of 5_edited-1

Order directly from Amazon for $9.76. Click:

9 Squares (Ivy League Chronicles)


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