The Tiger’s Wedding – “Cold Shadows on Warm Sand”

June 9, 2013

The Tiger’s Wedding

Tiger's Wedding

by James Dante

Martin Sisters Publishing

300 pages, $16.95

This is a book I had some reservations about reading. I’d spent a year in Korea, 50 years ago, and had pretty much blanked it out. I was on a small military compound about ten miles north of Seoul (not an English language teacher in the city, like James Dante, or the narrator of this book).

But this is much more than a story about living in another country, it is about the relationship between a man and a woman (not only mirrored by a tiger and a bear, but by two different cultures and by one being a married woman with children and the other a guy who eats frozen dinners ready in six minutes and occasionally gets a woman’s phone number scribble on a cocktail napkin).

At first I just wanted this over quickly. But relationships are more complex than quick, easy answers. And Dante is a master of the subtleties. Even when things start to fall apart, we eagerly turn the pages. What we learn is painful, but goes beyond the story line, into our lives. Here is a part of us that we don’t really want to admit we had to learn, but which we will think about long after we have finished this excellent book.


Order this directly from Amazon for $15.26. Click: The Tiger’s Wedding


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