Sparky and the Dipshit – “Having a Big Brother”

May 8, 2013

Sparky and the Dipshit

Product Details

Rod Russell-Ides

Fireside Publishing

284 pages, $17.95

I love the title of this book, Sparky and the Dipshit. I wish it were mine. As a matter of  fact I do have a movie review site that is pretty damn close. It is: www.SpankyAndJohnGoToTheMovies.com.

Can’t believe this is Rod’s first book, though he admits to help from his writer wife and editor (plus others). He baits the hook then allows us time to squirm while he spins a drama-building back story (his doctor father was a philanderer, his mother somewhat alcoholic, and, of course, there is the Midwest vs. the East Coast dynamics which people like me, from Wisconsin, love). Yet certain chapters, like the one on the death of Uncle Marion, are very moving.

I admit to having had an older brother, and therefore connected with the story line immediately. But there are elegant passages, too, that put real meat on the bone:

Exploring the abandoned dreams of Kansas farmers, I discovered a harsh land. It seemed some lives lead nowhere, dried up with the wind that harried the grasslands, leaving traces of something having come this way and passed on. In one old house, I found clothes still on hangers in a closet. A broken doll. Old letters held together with yellowing string.

This book is a product of the publishing revolution. Why should we wait twenty years for someone (like us) to tell a story we want to hear (our story). Sure a lot of the Kindle and publish-on-demand stuff is crap, but so is 90% of everything else.

This book did find a traditional publisher and thank god, a reader (me) who is inspired by it. As Rod Russell-Ides says he is a true believer in “the mystery right side the door.”

Way to go, Dipshit!

4 out of 5

Order directly from Amazon, click: Sparky and the Dipshit


One comment

  1. John,
    Glad you liked going around the “Bend” with the Dipshit (aka the younger brother). If we get a movie deal, maybe Sparky and the Dipshit will show up in you of your reviews. There is a short cartoon video in development. I’ll let you know when it shows up on YouTube.
    Thanks for the great review!
    Rod Russell-Ides

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